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Break the habit!


Many people try to give up smoking by throwing away their vape or cigarettes and going ‘cold turkey'. However, you will know that if you have tried to give up this way before it does not work. The physical addiction to nicotine and the other dangerous chemicals that are contained in cigarettes and vapes fade after only a few days, if you have ever been on a long flight, you will know that you are able to not smoke for a long time so we really have to ask ourselves that if the physical addiction lasts only a few days why is giving up so hard?




To answer that question, we have to look at how our brain works and how a habit is formed. 

Your brain likes you to feel good and so it encourages actions and behaviours that make you feel positive.  What is important to remember here is that your brain can't tell the difference between a positive or negative behaviour so if you do something that you think makes you feel calm, cool, or confident, then the brain it will encourage that behaviour.  Habits are formed out of repetition so if you do it enough times your brain will equate that action to that feeling.  However, not all habits are positive so you find yourself smoking even if it's affecting your health, you don't want to, or you can't afford it in the misbelief that it is helping you feel good when all it's doing is making you feel bad about yourself.  So, you're then in a vicious cycle – you smoke – you feel bad – your brain tries to get your positivity back and encourages you to smoke and repeat.

Hypnotherapy can help to break that vicious cycle and so the habit. By collapsing the negative feelings surrounding smoking and giving you that motivation and confidence to develop more positive habits and behaviours your brain will no longer link feeling calm or confident etc with smoking and will find another activity to find that positivity it craves.

The question is are you motivated and ready for change?



Reported benefits of giving up smoking or vaping

  • More money
  • Better mood
  • Able to do physical exercise easier
  • Health -
    Better lung function
    Blood pressure drops
    Blood circulation improves
    Risk of stroke or lung cancer reduces
    More energy

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