"Sarah was very easy to relate to and her sessions have really helped me. My anxiety has lessened dramatically, I'm sleeping better and I've become more motivated in many aspects of my life. I've actually been able to tick off a few items from my 'to-do' list. Sarah has also equipped me with some coping mechanisms if I feel myself slipping backwards. Thank you, Sarah."

  Dianne, September 2023

"Just got back from the Philippines a day ago and I want to thank you for all your help with my travel anxiety. The flight on the way out was actually great, actively being really positive, focusing on being grateful in the moment and shutting down that critical voice on my shoulder made that journey so much easier. It was active work but once I got through it I was so relaxed on the plane. Thank you for all your help as it has been invaluable!"

  J, May 2023

"Sarah took the time to listen and understand my issues; she tailored the sessions to my needs. The sessions helped me understand better my fears, worries and feelings, and as a result, I have become more confident. It also helped me to become less stressed and deal with situations in a calmer manner.I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone who is looking for help via Hypnotherapy."

  FS, February 2023


"Sarah's a wonderful therapist, knowledgeable, empathetic and a great listener - her approach works! Throughout the process something in me improved, or changed for the better and it's the work Sarah and I did that led to that."

  Tim, April 2022

"I have recently completed 3 hypnotherapy sessions with Sarah and I wished I had done this sooner. It's made such an improvement to my life. The hypnotherapy was fantastic and I would highly recommend Sarah."

  Jodie,  January 2022

"Just wanted to say thank you for being awesome. I'm finding this work to be very powerful and I can feel and observe my life changing by the day.  This gives me much confidence and aspiration to live a happier, healthier and better quality of life.  Wishing you a great day ahead and looking forward to our next session."

  Ishmael, July 2021


"I highly recommend Sarah for hypnotherapy. Her down to earth and friendly approach puts you at ease at what could potentially feel very awkward otherwise! It felt like chatting to a friend. Most importantly, with the help of her therapies my sound sensitivity has considerably eased so that I'm able to lead a relatively normal life! Be prepared to meet her halfway and do your homework and you stand a great chance of success!"

  Lisa, May 2021

"Absolutely wonderful experience and feel better after the first session. Sarah is super knowledgeable and is very talented. Cheap at twice the price considering how significant the result could be. Thank you :)"

  Tom, December 2020

 "Can highly recommend Sarah. I didn't know what to expect but outcome was amazing and so pleased with the positive changes. So worth it. Thank you."

  Jackie, February 2020.